The Vegetarian Book Review:
The beautifully flowing prose and the dark, sexual, often violent vignettes present in The Vegetarian makes for a very visual read. Tinged with magical realism and rife with shockingly breathtaking moments, Han Kang has created a uniquely vexing story about relationships, desire, and obsession. The themes Kang presents in The Vegetarian stand out so brilliantly because of the way she has mirrored them: sanity/insanity, desire/repulsion, good/evil. These themes are blurred together, stirred up in such a way that the true nature of any given character remains elusive. The reader is kept at an arm's length from the subject (the vegetarian herself) at all times, leading to a sense of unknowing that is both maddening and profound. 

Adam Wolf EP Bio:
Adam Wolinsky’s solo project, Adam Wolf, presents an acoustic aesthetic far from the noise and heavy instrumentation of his other bands, Sleeping In and Wolfhand. Forlorn vocals, moaning lap steel melodies, and heavy drumming intermingle to create a morose aura. The warm guitar tones and smooth rhythms, however, render Adam Wolf a listenable level of sad. The self-titled debut album begins with the relatively upbeat “New Light Walking.” Though there is a hint of morose purpose behind the lyrics, the guitars steady energy and the buoyant sound of the lap steel convey a sense of excitement tinted with melodrama. As the album progresses, however, the melodies take on a more wistful note. A melancholic air seeps through the solid drumbeat and permeates the sound, helped along by Adam’s distant, dream-like vocals and the persistent, mournful wail of the lap steel. The album in its entirety feels like the painful cataloguing of a relationship. “Wait Up,” the penultimate track, brings to mind the crux of a breakup. Moody yet detached vocals build slowly and entwine with the crashing of the drum, which eventually reaches climax and breaks like bitter waves on rocky shoreline. And though the final track, “Voyeur,” contains none of the excitement present at the beginning of Adam Wolf, the calming melody and relaxed instrumentation offer a sense of resolution. Through this debut, Adam Wolf introduces an alt-country sound that differs from any other in its genre. Dark, driving, heavy, sweet; it’s the sound of two lovers falling apart, the sound of steady desire fragmented by perpetual loss.